How to apply for +Extra funding

How do I apply for extra funding?

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Your Crowdfunder project may be eligible for +Extra funding support from our national and regional partners. Here's how to find out which funds you may be eligible for, and how to apply.

Our system will match you to funding opportunities based on the information you add to the Basics section when creating your project, such as:

  • Organisation type

  • Project category

  • The postcode of where your project is based (if you do not enter a postcode your project will not be matched)

How to I apply for +Extra funding?

My project is still in draft:

If your project isn't live yet, you'll see an +Extra funding pop-up at the bottom of your screen in the Project Page section of your dashboard. Click 'Find out more' to see which funds you can apply for.

This information is also available in the final stage of your project creation process - click 'Find out more' under the +Extra funding information on the right-hand side of the page to see which funding opportunities are available to you.

My project is live:

After setting your project live you will gain access to your project dashboard.

Go to the +Extra funding tab on the left to view the funding partners that your project has been matched with.

Here you can click on 'Apply for funding 'to be taken directly to the application form for your chosen fund.

I have a charity profile page

Charity profiles pages are unfortunately not eligible for +Extra funding support. However, you can create a new project that is linked to your charity profile page, with which you will be able to apply for our +Extra funding opportunities (if it is matched with our funding partners).

To create a project from your charity profile, click on 'My charity' in the top right-hand corner of the Crowdfunder page.

Here you will be able to create a new project page by clicking '+ New project'.

You can then create a project which should be matched with +Extra funding in the way described above.

IMPORTANT โ€“ Before you apply, please click on the 'show full criteria' link (available on each application form). It's essential to double-check if your project is eligible for your chosen fund. The Crowdfunder platform simply flags funds that projects similar to yours have received, however, there may be some criteria that yours doesn't meet.

Once you have applied, please make sure your Crowdfunder target includes the amount you hope to receive from your chosen partner fund as +Extra funding counts towards your target.

If your application is successful, the funding partner will be in touch to let you know what's required to release the funds. Find our current funding opportunities here.

Please note: Prize draws are not eligible for +Extra funding, so you will not be able to apply for funding if you choose to create a prize draw instead of a standard project.

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