Your Project Dashboard Guide

How to manage your project on the Crowdfunder platform.

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Once your project is live, you'll be able to manage it all the way to success via your project dashboard.

Simply sign into your account and click on My Projects at the top right corner of the screen (next to your profile picture).

Here you'll see thumbnails of your live and draft projects. Select Edit Details next to the campaign you want to manage.


You'll be directed to your project overview which provides a snapshot of your campaign's progress. You can quickly check what percentage of your target you've raised, how many pledges you've received and the number of supporters following your project. The conversion rate feature also gives insight into the number of unique visits to your project page and how many of those visitors pledged on your campaign.

You'll also see an update on what your project is Trending towards. This is the amount the Crowdfunder platform predicts you'll raise by your closing date. This prediction is based on your performance so far, as well as the success of previous projects similar to yours.

Throughout your campaign, you'll be able to download two graphs to track your progress. The first tells you how much you've raised each day. The second will give you insight into the number of people who have visited your project page. You can also monitor the popularity of each of your rewards.

Once your project closes successfully, you'll see a summary of what you've raised along with the platform or transaction fees that are applicable to your project.


Here you can access all kinds of tools to help spread the word about your project. Share your campaign page across social media platforms with just one click or create a project widget for your website. There's also the option to set up trackable links, making it easy to identify where your project is gaining the most traction online.


This is where you'll communicate any project updates to all of your supporters. For example, if you change your closing date or add new rewards. We recommend that you maintain total transparency with your supporters throughout your campaign and keep them in the loop if your project or plans change in any way. It's important that they know exactly how their pledges will be spent.


Everyone who pledges on your project can leave a comment on your campaign page. Gain full sight of their words of encouragement here and moderate any comments you would rather not be public on your page.


Get insight into your supporter base and all pledges received, including those that count towards your extra funding goals. Here you can also privately message individual supporters and access contact details needed to send out rewards.

Find out more about messaging supporters here.

Here you can use the search function to find supporters by name or to search for those who've pledged on specific rewards.

Extra Funding

Find out which partner funds your project is eligible for, apply for extra funding and keep track of your applications. Find out more about this process in our guide to applying for extra funding.


Here you can edit your project page, such as change your story, add videos or update your rewards. You can also;

Extend your project, up to a maximum of 10 weeks from launch date,

Take your project offline if you've launched too early.

Finally, if you'd like more guidance on managing your project and maximising fundraising opportunities, take a look at our FREE course on running your project.

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