Sport England Pre-Election Guidance

Guidance for Sport England supported projects during the pre-election period.

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As you may be aware, a general election has been called. As an arm’s-length body, Sport England is subject to pre-election period guidelines, which places restrictions on what can and cannot be communicated, maintaining political impartiality. These pre-election restrictions are in place from 00:01 hrs on 25 May until midnight on 4 July.

Whilst Sport England can continue making awards as usual during this pre-election period, Sport England nor the organisation in receipt of funding are able to announce or communicate new funding until the general election is over.

Sport England will not promote the funds and/or organisations that have been supported through their funds.

The funding is public money and, in line with Cabinet Office guidance, organisations should delay announcing investment from Sport England as it could be construed as having a bearing on the elections.

This will have implications for your organisation if you have received +Extra Funding from Sport England for your crowdfunding campaign, which we advise on below.

What this means for you

Extra funding can be incredibly effective in helping projects incentivise their crowd, so Sport England will continue to pledge on successful applicants' crowdfunding campaigns, however this will be done anonymously until 5 July. All previous investments will for this period will also default to being anonymous.

If you have a campaign that is yet to launch, consider if your launch can be delayed until the 5 July.

If you do need to launch before then or if your campaign is already live, Sport England requests that:

  • You do not name them as the funder until 5 July,

  • Please refrain from tagging Sport England in any posts on social media over this time,

  • If your project closes before the 5 July and you would like to shout about your support from Sport England, please request an extension on your crowdfunding project.

External communications will resume and Sport England pledges will be re-labelled accordingly, once the pre-election period ends and a new government is formed.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. If you need to speak to Sport England about this, please contact their Funding Helpline on 03458 508 508 or email [email protected].

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