Energy Efficiency Sharematch Onboarding

A guide to setting up your community shares project on Crowdfunder

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1. Sign up

Sign up and start setting up your project here:

2. Creating your project

Your project page will be where you direct your audience to go to invest, its important this page explains your share offer clearly. You can add images and videos to help make your page engaging to the audience.

Check out the Crowdfunder webinars and drop in centres to learn crowfunding best practice.

It is vital that you add at least one 'reward' or investment level to your project but a good idea to include multiple options.

3. Apply to the Energy Efficiency Sharematch fund

Submit your application to the Energy Efficiency Sharematch fund through your Crowdfunder dashbaord.

How to apply with a draft project:

If your project isn't live yet, you'll see an +Extra funding pop-up at the bottom of your screen in the Project Page section of your dashboard. Click 'Find out more' to see which funds you can apply for.

This information is also available in the final stage of your project creation process - click 'Find out more' under the +Extra funding information on the right-hand side of the page to see which funding opportunities are available to you.

How to apply with a live project:

After setting your project live you will gain access to your project dashboard.

Go to the +Extra funding tab on the left to view the funding partners that your project has been matched with.

Here you can click on 'Apply for funding' to be taken directly to the application form for your chosen fund.


What are the fees?

A platform fee of 3% + VAT on the initial £300,000, then 2% + VAT on anything over £300,000 applies (unless they can evidence that they have the Community Share Standard Mark, see below). Transaction fees of 2.4% + 20p per transaction on all EEA transactions also apply.

Societies that can provide evidence of having the Community Share Standard Mark will enjoy the reduced platform fee structure:
2.5% + VAT on the initial £300,000 raised, followed by 2% + VAT on anything raised above £300,000. Transaction fees of 2.4% + 20p per transaction remain the same.

See here for more information on fees:

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