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How do I draw down funding from Sport England’s Movement Fund?
How do I draw down funding from Sport England’s Movement Fund?

Receiving +Extra funding from Sport England's Movement Fund

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Once your crowdfunding campaign has closed successfully, meeting all criteria of the fund, you’ll be ready to draw down your funding. The crowd pledges and Sport England funding will be transferred to you in two separate transactions.

On setting up your project, you will have entered your finance details, this will enable us to transfer the crowd pledges into your bank account within 7 working days after the project has closed.

Sport England will transfer the Movement Fund monies to you directly. The Movement Fund pledge will be transferred into your bank account within 28 working days of your project closing.

For any queries relating to Movement Fund payments, please email [email protected] and quote your Unique Reference Number (URN) provided by Sport England on your conditional award email.


What if I have received funding from another +Extra funding partner too?

If you have secured +Extra funding from more than one of our partners, you’ll likely need to create a MangoPay wallet in order to receive the funding from our other partner(s). See our guide to setting up your MangoPay wallet here.

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