How many opportunities can I add?

How many opportunities can I add?

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Volunteering opportunities are specific to your organisation that you need support with. There is no limit to the number of volunteering opportunities you can add - although remember you do have to manage them and keep the information up to date.

We’d recommend having different volunteering opportunities for different tasks e.g. You may want someone with financial experience to help you with the books for the quarter (one opportunity) and someone else to provide training on using social media (another opportunity).

If you have an ongoing opportunity such as tree planting over a period of time e.g weekly during January and February, you’ll need to add these as individual opportunities. This enables employees to sign up to the specific week they can volunteer and you’ll be able to keep track of how many people to expect. If you need some support running a money management course every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon for 6 weeks you’d add this as one opportunity so the employee is aware of the hours they’ll need to commit too.

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