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Aviva and Solus Employee Giving

Bonus funding for your Aviva project

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All Aviva employees will be handed their £40 share of the Aviva Community Fund on 28 November 2023 to donate to the Aviva Community Fund project that resonates with them most. All vouchers will be valid until 25 April 2024. *

This means that bonus funding is available for your Aviva Community Fund project! You will be able to see if you have had any support in the supporters tab of your project.

The Rules

  • Employees can pledge on any live projects, including those that are in their stretch target

  • Employees can’t pledge on rewards

  • Employee vouchers will not be matched by the Aviva Community Fund or Save Our Wilds Isles Community Fund

  • Employee vouchers will be matched by any Aviva projects that have been accepted on other live match funds such as BA

*Solus Employee Giving has £30 vouchers and ends 21 December 2023.

How to entice those employees

To attract donations from Aviva employees it’s important to have an innovative idea and tell a compelling story on your project page. But it also helps if you can show them that you have a good amount of support from your community and are already on your way.

If you’re yet to get off the mark, you could try speaking to a handful of close family and friends and asking them to make a small pledge to demonstrate support for your idea.

Aviva employees have until 25 April 2024 to explore entries and decide which project to support, so don’t panic if you don’t get any pledges right away.

Get Social!

One way to draw people to your project is to spread the word on social media. Adding #AvivaCommunityFundUK and #StrongerCommunities to posts will get them in front of employees searching for those hashtags.

Be considerate

We need to be mindful of our employees, so we’d urge you to please be considerate and refrain from tagging Aviva employees (unless you know them) in any posts or direct messages. Don’t worry, we’ll be doing our bit to make sure all our people get involved over the coming months to help you on your way to hitting your target.

And don’t forget, if you’d like to make any changes to your project page, you can still edit most features to ensure your page is as powerful as it can be.

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