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Partners: Managing applications from MyFunds
Partners: Managing applications from MyFunds

Advice for our Extra Funding partners on how to manage applications

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From the Applications tab, you'll be able to see headline numbers for different statuses, and you can search by application status

Select the 'View application' button to see the details

To review an application and approve, decline or more

  1. Read application form response in the Answers tab

  2. Then depending on your decision, you'll take a different action.

  3. First, click 'Change status':

To approve:

  • Change status to 'Approved' (project will be notified, and you can now add a pledge to the project)

  • Add a note to confirm what size pledge is approved, and any specific conditions that need to be applied (useful as a reminder, or if a team member is doing pledges!)

To decline:

  • Change status to 'Declined'

  • The project will be notified

  • Please add a note with the reason why, in case the project emails the Crowdfunder support team

To switch to provisional:

  • Change status to 'Provisional'

  • To manage applications, some partners will use this status to mark that a project is going to be approved, but more internal approval is needed. Or, perhaps the project needs to submit a form before they can be approved.

  • Note that the project will not receive an email when they are moved to provisional.

To reset and ask for changes/more information:

  • After clicking 'Change status', scroll down to click 'Reset' under 'Need more information from the project owner?'

  • You'll then need to email the Project Owner directly with specific changes required, using their email address in the Details tab

To delete:

  • If the application is a duplicate, or a mistake, you can scroll down (after clicking 'Change status' and select 'Delete'

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