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Partners: Topping up your MangoPay Wallet
Partners: Topping up your MangoPay Wallet

More information for Crowdfunder's Extra Funding Partners on MangoPay wallet transfers

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Top-ups: Transferring funds into your MangoPay Wallet

We recommend you keep your wallet topped up to the value of at least 2 month's typical pledges for your fund.

  1. Find your wallet from the MyFunds area.

    This will either be under 'Wallet Details' tab, or under 'Fund Details' > 'Wallet', depending on your Access Levels.

  2. Select 'Update balance'

  3. Insert the amount you are planning to transfer and click 'Add funds'

  4. You'll see the deposit details.

    Pass these details onto your accounts team to make the transfer.

    IMPORTANT: Please ensure your accounts team includes the bank/wire reference as the reference when making the transfer and then sends the remittance advice to [email protected], once they’ve made the transfer. This will speed up the transfer.

  5. Your transfer will take up to 3 working days if using a BACS payment.

    CHAPS payments are faster, but your bank may charge a fee.

    Once your transfer is received, the updated balance will show in your wallet

What is MangoPay and what service are they providing?


Mangopay SA, is owned by Leetchi SA, a subsidiary of Credit Mutuel Arkéa. It is authorised to conduct its business in certain European Member States under the freedom of establishment, as an electronic money institution approved by the Luxembourg Financial Sector Supervisory Commission, whose address is at 110 route d’Arlon L-1150 Luxembourg and whose website is at:

How is Mangopay regulated?

Mangopay holds an EMI (Electronic Money Issuer) license which has been passported to all 31 EEA countries. This means that they are covered by European Law. On 1 November 2023, Mangopay announced it has successfully obtained an e-money license from the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Slide 7 in the attached slide pack will be updated shortly given this very recent change.

What does MANGOPAY do?

MANGOPAY provides Crowdfunder with a digital electronic money wallets service where partners set up electronic money wallets and transfer their funds (i.e. the money that the partner is going to pledge to crowdfunding projects that will constitute purchase of electronic money issued by MANGOPAY). Crowdfunder uses MANGOPAY as it is an independent, regulated electronic money institution. This ensures partners’ money is completely separate to Crowdfunder and that it is held in trust for the partner. The partner is the beneficial owner of the funds it deposits.

What is the service being provided?

As a partner you will set up a digital wallet in MANGOPAY in your name. You are not charged by MANGOPAY for the wallet or any services so you will not receive invoices from MANGOPAY Crowdfunder will notify you of the amounts of the fund you need to transfer into your MANGOPAY wallet based on what is agreed in the purchase order

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