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Where can I learn more about nature recovery?
Where can I learn more about nature recovery?
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To learn more about the importance of nature recovery check out our about page.

The government set out its ambitions for nature recovery in its Green Future: 25 Year Environment Plan, with further detail in its 5 year review update, the Environmental Improvement Plan. The Dasgupta Review, the Economics of Biodiversity, outlined the importance of nature to our economies, livelihoods and wellbeing. The Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework was agreed in December 2022 with targets outlined for governments and businesses. Target 15 focuses specifically on the role of business.

Nature recovery is moving up the agenda for many private businesses. You can visit our sister site - Get Nature Positive to read our toolkit of guidance, actions and case studies for businesses to take action on nature. Please also see the business eligibility criteria for related initiatives, such as the Taskforce for Nature Related Financial Disclosures. To further understand the role of private finance in nature markets, please see the Nature Market Framework and Financing Nature Recovery UK report.

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