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How are the projects for the Projects for Nature pilot chosen?
How are the projects for the Projects for Nature pilot chosen?
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For the pilot phase of Projects for Nature, projects had to meet our defined eligibility criteria. This included being based in England, having had or in receipt of current government funding, and meeting one or more of the following core themes:

  • Nature conservation and restoration – habitats and ecosystem restoration and/or species recovery

  • Nature-based solutions for climate change – mitigation or adaptation/resilience

  • Connecting people with nature – including access, engagement, skills, or employment

We also considered projects that meet one of the themes above, plus:

  • Innovation – such as new approaches or technology to delivering nature recovery.

An initial call for projects went out through our collaborators, Wildlife and Countryside Link. Those who responded to this were submitted to Defra and were then screened and selected by experts, from Defra, Environment Agency, and Natural England.

For the pilot phase, we have also ensured there is a diverse portfolio of projects, including different intended outcomes, as well as geography, so that we can understand more about what elements businesses might be interested in supporting with corporate donations. We will review eligibility criteria at the end of the pilot.

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