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Why is Projects for Nature needed?
Why is Projects for Nature needed?
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Over the last century, the state of nature in our country has declined dramatically as the pressure of our demands has made our habitats increasingly degraded and fragmented, and brought species to the brink of extinction. The UK is now one of the most nature-depleted countries on Earth. The UK government has begun a decade of action to halt and then reverse nature’s decline at home and abroad.

Reversing the decline of nature by 2030 will require significant investment from all sources, including the private sector alongside public funding committed by government. In 2021, the government set a goal to raise over £500 million per year in private investment for nature’s recovery by 2027, rising to over £1 billion by 2030. Corporate donations have the potential to play a key role in the private investment landscape.

Philanthropic funding flowing to nature's recovery in the UK is low, despite the potential role nature recovery and improved access to greenspace can play in delivering wider benefits to society. Nature recovery requires a collaborative effort across society. We want to support businesses to invest in nature recovery projects more effectively. Projects for Nature seeks to showcase screened projects that businesses and other donors can support efficiently and with confidence.

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