Check or change bank details on a project

How do I check which bank account is linked to my project?

Updated over a week ago

Once you have entered your bank details in the financial section of your project and the financial section is verified, there is no way for you to check these as they are stored externally by our payment provider Stripe.

If your project has not been set live and you are not sure if you've entered the correct bank details, you can reset the financial section and add the details again. You'll need to edit your project and go to the Financials tab. At the bottom of that section, you'll see an option to Remove Account Details.

๐Ÿ’ก Top tip: Removing and re-adding bank details is a good idea if you're not sure you entered your bank details correctly.

If your project is live and has already accepted pledges, you will need to get in contact with our Support team to check your financial details. Please get in touch via our contact form, and we will be able let you know the account name, sort code and last 4 digits of your account number:

Please note: If you entered the incorrect details and the project is going to pay out to the wrong account, we can send you a secure link to change your bank details.

Caution: If the payout for your project has already been initiated to the wrong account we can not do anything until the funds are returned by the receiving bank to our payment provider. This process is reliant on the bank itself and we have no control over this. That is why it is important to double check you entered the correct account details.

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