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Aviva Community Fund
Who's eligible for the Aviva Community Fund?
Who's eligible for the Aviva Community Fund?

What organisations are eligible to apply

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To be eligible for the Aviva Community Fund you will need to be registered in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland as a Charity or a Social Enterprise and listed on Charities Commission, Companies House or the FCA Mutuals Public Register. Community Amateur Sports Clubs are also eligible to apply but will require extra documents to be uploaded with their application and need to be registered on the list of community amateur sports clubs (CASC) with HMRC

Organisations must be one of the following types of organisations:
- Charity*
- Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO);
- Community Interest Company (CIC);
- Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG); or
- Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC);

*Organisations set up as trusts (including charitable trusts) are not currently eligible to participate in the Fund.

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