We know crowdfunding can be a daunting prospect for small charities, so we want to help them learn how best to crowdfund with lots of practical advice and support. By guiding them through the process of setting up a Crowdfunder page, we’re helping them make sustainable online fundraising a part of their skillset.

The Aviva Community Fund programme is focused on building the capabilities and skills of causes, to drive long-term sustainable success and help charities make a life-changing impact. What’s more, they get the opportunity to tap into £250,000 of Aviva Community Fund support every three-month funding period.

For the Aviva Community Fund, you’ll be crowdfunding to raise funds for your project. These funds will come from a combination of pledges from your network of supporters, and donations from the Aviva UK employees that are tasked with distributing the Aviva Community Fund.

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