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How does the Aviva Community Fund work?
How does the Aviva Community Fund work?

Here's how the Aviva Community Fund works

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The Aviva Community Fund helps local causes build stronger communities across the UK. We believe that by caring more
about communities today, we can help them create a better future tomorrow.

Our ambition to build a brighter future revolves around what we see as the two biggest challenges:

Financial wellbeing

Helping people take control of their wellbeing by giving them the tools to be more financially independent and ready for anything.

Climate action

Promoting healthy, thriving communities by preventing, preparing for and protecting against the impacts of climate change.

Funding is available for organisations looking to raise up to £50,000 and eligible causes can apply at any time.

Here's how the Aviva Community Fund works:

Submit an application

Check the eligibility criteria. Eligible causes can apply here. If your application is successful you will go on to create a unique project page that explains your idea and fundraising target. Projects will then be open to donations from the public via your project page. Aviva will match fund any donations.

When you donate, we do too

We’ll match every individual donation you receive up to £250 (eligibility criteria applies).

What is live match funding and how does it work?

If your project has been approved for live match funding, this means that each donation to your project page will be matched in real time by the Aviva Community Fund. This will come into action after your application has been approved and your project goes live. Live match funding works on a pledge-by-pledge basis so, each donation to your project will be matched at the time of the transaction.

The Aviva Community Fund will only match one donation from a unique supporter. This means that if the same person donates twice then only the first donation will be matched. The Aviva Community Fund has a cap on how much they will match so, if someone donates £40 then it will be matched £ for £ but if someone donates £400 then the match funding on that donation will only be £250.

Raise your funds

Organisations can showcase their projects to the wider community to raise public donations and make their project as successful as possible! All donations will be match funded by Aviva (subject to T&Cs) and will count towards your target. You will receive all of the funds at the end of your project (unless you select 'all or nothing' and close unsuccessfully). You will have 6 weeks in which to run your project.

Make a difference

Time to put the idea into action! And, if you need more help in the future, you’re welcome to apply again!

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