How to enable Strava on your fundraiser
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Crowdfunder have launched the ability to link your Strava account with your fundraiser, letting you show your activities to supporters right on your page!

You can choose to show runs, walks/hikes, swimming, cycling, rowing, or workouts.

This feature can be switched on once your fundraiser is live.

You can link and turn on Strava in the ‘Strava’ section of your fundraiser dashboard.

Link Strava with Crowdfunder

To enable Strava, you will need to approve the linking of your Strava account with Crowdfunder, this will allow us to fetch activities and display them on your fundraiser page.

Click ‘Link your Strava account’ and you will be taken to Strava and their authentication step, where you will need to enter your Strava login details, and then confirm you’re happy to allow linking with Crowdfunder.

Once linked, you will return to Crowdfunder.

By default we will show all activities you log, from the moment you link your Strava and Crowdfunder accounts.

Display only a certain type of activity

You can choose to just show certain types of activity to your supporters.

For example if you just want to show runs, check the ‘Run’ option, and click ‘Save changes’ to show only runs on your fundraiser page.

You can mix and match these too, so if you want to show runs and walks, just select both options.

To show all types of activities again, uncheck all the options, and click ‘Save changes’.

Import older activities

If you want to include activities from the past, you can import these and show them on your fundraiser page.

Choose ‘Import activities’ to bring up the option to do this.

This will give you the option to choose a date from which activities will be imported.

Choosing a date from the date picker will fetch all the activities you’ve logged on Strava from that date through to now.

Those activities will be brought through to your activity list.

Show or hide a specific activity

You can choose to hide individual activities in your list if there’s a particular one you aren’t comfortable sharing.

In your activity list, look under the ‘Show on your page’ column for the toggle next to each activity entry.

If this is green and set to ‘Yes’ that activity will be shown to your supporters.

To hide it, click the toggle so it becomes grey and is set to ‘No’. This will hide that activity from your supporters.

Unlink your Strava account

Choose the ‘Unlink your Strava account’ option and confirm. This will unlink your Crowdfunder and Strava accounts. All activities will be removed from your fundraiser page. The activities you have saved on Strava will not be altered.

If activities aren’t showing on Crowdfunder

To allow activities to be seen by Crowdfunder, their ‘Who can view’ or visibility settings in Strava will need to be set to ‘Everyone’.

You can choose to set that as a default for all new activities in the ‘Privacy Controls’ section of your Strava account.

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