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How to set up your funding wallet if you are a school

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When you log into your project dashboard, you will see the following notification.

Click on complete setup to begin.

Take care to answer the questions correctly so you end up with the right wallet setup.

Complete your school details

Name: As it appears on the .GOV website.

Registered Address: Please fill out your school's registered address.

Legal representative: Your legal representative needs to be the head teacher as they are named on the .GOV website. You will need to upload their ID later in the setup process. The name, DOB and address details must therefore exactly match their ID – for example, if their legal first name is Robert, don't enter Rob.

Upload required documents.

ALL of the following documents must:

  • Include all pages

  • Include a signature, with a printed name, your role in the organisation and the date.

  • Be saved as .pdf, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif or .png

ID document: Upload the head teacher's ID in the legal representative section. Make sure the .pdf image is clear, in date and shows all corners and edges of the ID. If you experience problems, please see our troubleshooting guide.

Proof of registration: You need to upload a pdf of your 'get information about schools' overview. You will be able to search for your establishment here: https://www.get-information-schools.service.gov.uk/. You will be able to print the screen, save it as a PDF and then upload it to the registration section.

Please ask the headteacher to sign and date the following documents on the last page.

Governing document: For a school, we can accept your latest OFSTED report. You'll be able to get your OFSTED report here: https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/

The OFSTED report will need to be signed and dated (also PRINT NAME) by the head teacher before you upload the PDF (This can be done electronically).

Legal Representative: This should be your headteacher and they should already be listed in your school overview and Ofsted report so you do not need additional documentation.

Organisation Wallet Document table for Constituted groups and schools

Complete your bank account details.

Once your documents have been verified, you will be able to complete the financial section of your wallet. When you log into your dashboard, you'll see the following notification again.

Click on complete setup to continue.

When completing this section, please note that the account must be in the organisation's name (not an individual’s name). This must EXACTLY match the organisation name set up above. Please also use the same address that is on your bank statement (even if this is not the postal address of your organisation).

Upload your bank statement.

This must EXACTLY match the organisation's bank account details submitted above. It must also include the following information to be accepted:

  1. Bank logo

  2. Organisation name

  3. Account holder address - This could mean you will need to enter the treasurer or your accountant's address rather than the organisation's address.

  4. Account number and sort code

  5. Statement date (within the last 12 months)

We cannot accept Excel downloads, .xlsx copies or screenshots of your statement. It must be a PDF or a scan or photo of a statement.

Here’s an example of what we need to see:

Check your extra funding wallet after 72 hours to see if your documents have been verified or if you need to resubmit them. In the case where a verification fails, you will see the following notification in the extra funding section of your dashboard. You will also be notified by email that you need to resubmit one or more of your documents.

How long do I have to set up my wallet?

You have 3 months from the date your project closes to set up your wallet.

Please message us if you need further assistance.

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