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How to use Swiftaid to process GiftAid for your charity

Updated over a week ago

Adding to Crowdfunder's charity services, we have partnered with Swiftaid as our GiftAid processing service - meaning our charities can now have their GiftAid processed for a fee by opting into their services.

If you're a charity already on Crowdfunder you can access this through your Charity Profile settings. If you're new then please start setting up your Charity Profile on Crowdfunder here

N.B. This integration is only available to those who have a Charity Profile page set up on Crowdfunder. We do not allow for backdating GiftAid claims within our system. Swiftaid would have had to have been set up and successfully linked to the profile before the pledges were made to be processed via our Swiftaid integration.

To make the GiftAid claiming process easier, our partner Swiftaid can manage your claims process with HMRC for you and send you the funds that are collected in GiftAid from your Crowdfunder Charity Profile.

Please note, that Swiftaid will charge you a 5% fee on Gift Aid funds successfully collected via their service.

You will be able to select how your GiftAid is managed in your profile settings.

You will need a Swiftaid account to enable them to manage your GiftAid. If you already have a Swiftaid account, log in to your Swiftaid account and enable Crowdfunder as a donation source.

If you do not yet have a Swiftaid account, please visit Swiftaid to set one up.

If you choose Swifaid to manage your GiftAid, they will transfer you the funds and you will have access to reporting on Swiftaid's site of how much GiftAid has come from your Crowdfunder Charity Profile.

Please note that Crowdfunder will not manage these payments.

You can also choose to manually manage your GiftAid. Crowdfunder can collect Gift Aid declaration information on any donations that opt to Gift Aid their pledge so you can make your claim with HMRC. See our guide here.

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