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What details should I include on my Project page?
What details should I include on my Project page?

Good practice guidelines for projects

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Good practice guidelines for projects

Crowdfunder is registered with the Fundraising Regulator, which provides best practice guidance for setting up and running a fundraising project. Following this guidance will help you to build supporter trust and encourage them to back your project.

In line with these recommendations, please make sure your project page clearly explains the following:

  1. Who is running the project.

  2. Whether the money raised is for a specific purpose or for the person receiving it to use as they see fit.

  3. What the project’s target is and the date by which you intend to raise this amount.

  4. What deductions will be made for expenses.

  5. Whether you are raising funds on behalf of or for a charitable institution, and name the charitable institution.

  6. If the money is for a charitable institution to use for a specific purpose, you must contact the charitable institution to make sure they are aware and happy to receive the money for this purpose.

  7. What will happen to the money you raise if:
    ○ you do not meet your target
    ○ you raise more than your target
    ○ the original purpose for which you're raising money is no longer valid.

    When considering all of the above, we recommend that you choose the right funding model to support your project’s aims.

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