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How do I use my Charity Profile page and what features does it have?

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Congratulations, you have created your Charity Profile page on Crowdfunder!

A Charity Profile is a landing page for your charity on Crowdfunder where anyone can find and donate to your charity or start a fundraiser to join your cause.

It is not an individual project with a specific target or fundraising aim and you can't apply for funding from any of our partners directly from your Charity Profile page so if that is what you want to do, please follow this guide.

You might be wondering what features your Charity Profile page has and how to navigate your way around the dashboard to get what you need, such as starting a project or reporting. This guide will help!

How does my Charity Profile appear to supporters?

This is how the profile page appears to the public from all the information that you added when building your profile page.

1. Charity name and registration details.

2. Charity logo.

3. Video (or image if you haven't added a video).

4. Donate buttons - here, supporters can make a single donation or set up a monthly recurring donation.

5. Charity profile description.

6. Total raised so far - this includes any fundraiser or project totals that have been set up from your charity profile. You can also see how many people have donated or set up fundraisers beneath this. The estimated GiftAid is how much you should be able to claim from HMRC.

7. 'Fundraise for this charity': When supporters click this button, they will be taken to a different page where they can set up a fundraiser to raise money for your charity (for example, a sponsored run). The money raised from these will feed into your total raised and go straight to your charity bank account via the financial details you set up with your Charity Profile page.

Further down your charity profile page you can also see a list of any fundraisers that are currently set up and any donations and comments that have been made to your Charity Profile.

How does my Charity Profile appear to me?

When you are logged in you will see 'My Charity' in the top right of your profile. This gives you an overview of your charity stats and the option to view more information under 'Reports'. You can also 'Edit profile' or see how your profile appears to supporters in 'View profile'.

It also gives you the totals you have raised from any projects set up under your Charity Profile and any fundraisers that have set up their projects for your charity.

This is a summary of all funds raised on your profile. If you previously had a charity page with Crowdfunder in partnership with Charities Trust, this will show underneath with a total raised.

For further details and functionality in your Charity Profile, click on the 'reports' tab at the top of the page and you will be able to generate and download data from your Charity's activity.

You then have lots of capabilities that you can view in the project dashboard. You can access this by selecting 'View overview' under your Charity profile.

You can then see your charity dashboard and access lots of useful information.

  1. From the Overview tab, you can find your Charity Profile stats, timeline, donation sources and more detailed breakdown figures.

  2. From the Promo tab, you will find all the links you need to share on social platforms, promote your Profile via QR code, create links directly to your checkout page, create trackable links and add a widget to your website.

  3. From the Updates tab, you can post a general update to display on your Profile. This will also be sent to any of your supporters via email that has opted into marketing and Profile updates.

  4. From the Comments tab you can see all of the comments on your Profile and if you need to you have the option to hide comments from public view.

  5. From the Fundraisers tab, you can see who is running fundraisers for your charity. You can also send them a message from this section.

  6. From the Supporters tab, you can see everyone who has donated to your profile. You can choose to view this as direct pledges or include the information from your fundraisers too.

You can also send your supporters messages from this tab however you must only use this messaging service to contact supporters about specific issues as you risk breaching data protection rules if you send anything that could be classed as marketing. See our guide on marketing emails for more information about this.

7. From the Regular Donations tab, you can see any supporters who have set up a recurring monthly donation to your charity and how much they are giving.

8. From the Manage Profile project tab, you can edit your profile and download the reports that enable you to claim Gift Aid and see details of all the supporters and their donations to your charity. See this guide for further information on the reporting downloads.

9. From the Reports section you can generate and download data from your charity's activity on Crowdfunder. This includes your gift aid and transaction reports.

10. From the Payouts tab you can view all the payouts paid into your charity bank account. This includes the source that the payment came from, allowing you to easily keep informed of where your funds are coming from.

11. From the Widgets section you can create a 'donate on Crowdfunder' button to add to your website. This will automatically direct people to your charity profile.

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