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What format should my ID document upload be in?

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The ID verification is an automated process so your ID must be uploaded in the correct format in order to be accepted.

Please follow the guidance below when capturing an image of your ID document to upload.

Proof of Identity accepted documents:

  • Passport

  • Drivers license

  • Government issued Identity card

Proof of Identity document requirements:

  • Documents must be uploaded in full colour (i.e. no black-and-white scans)

  • A clear photograph of the document is the best format to upload (without glare)

  • Make sure that all corners and edges of the document are visible (both top and bottom page of the personal information section on a passport must be included). Take a photo that shows the entire document.

  • Documents must be clear and large enough to read

  • Photocopies/scans of identity documents are not acceptable

  • Documents must be valid and not expired

  • Make sure you have entered the name exactly that appears on the document in your financials/wallet (ie. if your legal name is Robert, don't just enter Rob as your first name)

  • Documents can be uploaded in .png or .jpg format (photos and colour scans acceptable)

  • Passport: Both pages showing your photo and personal details should be visible - Check it is signed and in date.

  • Driving Licence: Both front and back of a driver’s license. For UK driving licences only the front should be required

  • Identity Card: Both front and back of the identity card.

Passport example:

Driver's licence example:

If you need any further assistance, please get in touch with our Support team via our contact form and attach the documents you would like help with:

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