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How to set up regular donations on your project and see who has pledged monthly
How to set up regular donations on your project and see who has pledged monthly

How can I enable my supporters to donate monthly to my project?

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Crowdfunder have now launched regular donations so you can continue to receive ongoing monthly support from your crowd!

The regular donation feature is now available to switch on when you create your project or, by clicking the edit project button if you have already gone live.

You can turn on regular donations in the 'Regular donations' section of your dashboard.

You then need to explain why your supporters should continue to support your cause monthly by telling them what their donations will be used for going forward. Examples of this could be 'Donate £10 monthly to provide 3 food parcels to hungry children'.

Once you go live with regular donations enabled, your supporters will be given the opportunity to set up a monthly donation every time they pledge on your project.

Once they have made their initial donation, they will be taken to the next screen that allows them to set up a regular donation and displays whatever messaging you have written in your description box.

The supporter guide for this process and managing their regular donation can be found here.

You will then be able to monitor your supporters monthly donations from your project dashboard. If their status is showing as 'Active' then you will receive their next donation 30 days after the first. They also have the option to 'Pause' or 'Cancel' their monthly donations which will be reflected on their status.

Whilst your project is live, your regular donations will accumulate in your project 'total' and be paid out to you within 7 working days of the project successfully closing.

If you are on 'flexible funding' this will happen automatically when you reach your close date, if you are on 'all or nothing' this will only happen if you meet your target on your close date. If you do not meet your target on 'all or nothing', all of your supporters pledges will be refunded including any regular donations and all future payments will be cancelled.

Your project will automatically switch to 'always on' when it reaches its original closing date and is successful. Whilst your project remains on 'always on' you can continue to receive your monthly regular donations and whenever you are ready you can close your project and cancel any further donations by following the instructions below.

How do I switch my project off
Log into to your project dashboard and click on Manage. You will see the option to 'close and stop accepting pledges'. Click this button and your project will be closed successfully.

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