On the Financial Section you are required to enter your charity bank account details, verify the identity of one of the charity trustees and enter the bank details of your registered Charity. These details must match the details entered in the Nectar section.

Please note - Once you have uploaded your documentation, it can take up to 48 hours to verify so please be patient.


Choose this option if you are a registered charity and do not have a Companies House Registration. You will required to supply the personal information of a Charity Trustee, enter the charity name, registration number and the charity bank details.

Registered Business

You should only select this option if your Charity is registered with Companies House. You will need to enter your business details and the personal information of anyone that has a 25% share/voting rights or more in the business. This may include uploading proof of home address and government issued ID for each shareholder.

You will need to supply your registration documents showing:

Business Name

Business Address

Companies House Registration Number

You will be able to download this information from the Companies House website: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/. You can only upload one business document on to the financial section so you may need to merge the documents from Companies House before uploading to the financial section.

Here is the detailed information about what documents are acceptable and the requirements.

IMPORTANT: The documents you upload must exactly match the details you enter in the financial section (no nicknames or abbreviations).

Proof of Identity accepted documents:

  • Passport

  • Drivers license

  • Government issued Identity card

Proof of Identity document requirements:

  • Documents must be uploaded in full colour (i.e. no black-and-white scans)

  • Make sure that all corners and edges of the document are visible (both top and bottom page of the personal information section on a passport must be included)

  • Documents must be clear and large enough to read

  • Photocopies of identity documents are not acceptable

  • Documents must be valid and not expired

  • Name must match the information you have entered exactly (ie. if your legal name is Robert, don't just enter Rob as your first name)

  • Documents can be uploaded in .png or .jpg format (photos and colour scans acceptable)

  • The entire personal information page of a passport. Both front and back of a driver’s license or identity card. For UK driving licences only the front should be required

Proof of Home Address accepted documents:

  • Utility bill

  • Statement from a financial institution

  • Letter issued from a government institution

  • Drivers license (if this has not already been used as Proof of Identity)

  • Identity card (if this has not already been used as Proof of Identity)

Proof of Home Address document requirements:

  • At least one full page of the document where the full name and address of the individual are clearly stated and legible.

  • Documents must be clear and large enough to read

  • Documents must be dated within the past six months

  • Documents can be uploaded in .png, .jpg, or .pdf format

Proof of business registration and address accepted documentation:

  • Companies House Documents (ensure this includes the address currently registered with Companies House)

  • VAT Registration

  • HM Revenue and Customs: VAT Certificate

  • HM Revenue and Customs: Account Statement

  • Charity Commission Document

  • OSCR Scottish Charity Regulator

Proof of business registration and address document requirements:

  • Documents must be clear and large enough to read

  • Documents must be valid and representative of up-to-date registration

  • The document must show full business name, business address, and either VAT number OR Companies House registration number of the incorporated entity are clearly stated and legible. If this information is spread across multiple pages of your document, please upload one PDF containing all the relevant pages

  • Documents can be uploaded in .pdf format

The business registration number and address you enter in the financials section must match the details on Companies House. You can use their search function to find your documents here.

What documents can't you accept?

We cannot accept the following documents

  • Tenancy agreement/lease

  • Utility company attestation letter

  • Private insurance bill

  • Telephone/mobile bill

How long will it take to be verified?

Whilst you account is being reviewed it will show as pending in the financials section. You will receive an email once the documents have been reviewed. Reviews can take our payment provider up to 48 hours to complete and you cannot go live until your account has been verified.

Please note: Businesses based in a British Crown Dependency (Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of Man) or a British Overseas Territory such as the British Virgin Islands are not

Passport example:

Driver's licence example:

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