Nectar Donate - FAQs

Q: Can charities collect Gift Aid through donated Nectar points?

A: Nectar Donate will give charity supporters the ability to choose to give with points and cash. Whilst Gift Aid can not be collected on the Nectar points, it can be collected on the cash element.

Q: How long does it take for a charity to receive the money from nectar points that have been donated?

A: It can take up to 8 weeks for a charity to receive funds into their charity bank account.

Q: What reporting data do charities receive from Crowdfunder on the uptake of donated Nectar points?

A: Charities receive the same reporting data as a standard charity project on Crowdfunder. To find out more please review our dashboard guide, with the additional benefit of a HMRC compatible Gift Aid report.

Q: Does a charity receive data captured on Nectar Donate donors, so we can add them to our database?

A: Yes, if a donor has opted in to hear from your charity, then you can add their contact details to your database for future marketing campaigns.

Q: What is the process for a donor to sign up to Nectar Donate?

A: A donor needs to first link their Nectar and Crowdfunder accounts. They can then donate these converted points via your charity page on Crowdfunder.

Q: Is there a maximum or minimum amount of Nectar points that someone can donate to a charity?

A: Yes, there is a minimum donation of £1 and no maximum amount.

Q: Can I create a ring fenced project to raise money for, from donated Nectar points?

A: Yes, once you have created your charity organisational page, you can then create individual project pages for different ring fenced campaigns.

Q: What can charities do to amplify the PR and marketing that Nectar and Crowdfunder are doing? Do you have a help section with Charity resources for this?

A: Yes, we will provide you with marketing assets and content for you to send to your supporters to spread the word, once Nectar Donate launches to the public (Date to be confirmed). Keep an eye out for an email with a link to the asset hub which we will be sending out soon.

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