Thank you for adding your charity to Crowdfunder

When creating your charity profile page, you'll need to complete your financial details twice. This is for two reasons

  1. The funds from our funding partners (like Nectar Donate) and funds from debit/credit card donations are paid out separately, using two different payment providers.

  2. We follow strict due diligence processes to ensure that the funds are going to the registered charities bank account.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you enter the same charity and bank details in the Extra funding section and the Financial section.

How do I set up my funding wallet?

You need to select the correct entity type for your wallet set up. If you choose the wrong entity we will need to reset your wallet. You are unable to do this yourself, so please select carefully.

Select Business if you are a

  • Registered charity WITH a Companies House registration

  • A charitable company WITH a charity registration

You will need the following documents, most of which you can find on your Companies House file here

  • Latest confirmation statement

  • Full incorporation document

  • An active Director's ID

  • Their AP01 director appointment letter or latest annual return (if not named on the incorporation document)

  • Person of Significant Control details

  • Shareholder PSC001 Notice of Person of Significant Control or latest annual return or Shareholder declaration (if not named on the incorporation document)

Select Organisation if you are

  • Registered Charity and you do not have a Companies House

What documents do I need to provide

  • A Trustee's ID

  • Document naming the Trustee and their role (AGM or similar)

  • Governing document (Constitution signed and dated)

  • Charity registration certificate - This would be your charity registration certificate. If you are registered with the Charities Commission you can get a downloadable copy of your certificate here.

    If you are a Scottish Charity registered with OSCR then you can upload a copy of your charity details from the OSCR website by finding your charity, clicking 'Print This Page' and saving as a PDF to upload. (We cannot accept screenshots)

    Details of what documents can be used

Have you selected the right entity type?

Remember if you have a Companies House registration you must set up as a business even if you are also registered as a Charity.

I've selected the wrong wallet type, can you help?

YES... Just send us a message and we can reset your wallet so you can start again.

My entity type isn't listed?

You must be a UK registered charity to apply to Nectar Donate. If your are a school do you have a "PTA" or "Friends of" that is registered as a charity. If so, you can apply with those details.

My document will not upload.

The maximum size of your uploaded is 7MB so you may need to reduce your file size if your current file exceeds this. You can use this free compress tool if your files are too big to upload

How long does it take to be verified?

It can take one to five working days for your documents to be verified. If your documents are not accepted you will receive an email. Please log in to your wallet to find out why the documents failed.

My documents keep failing, what can I do?

We cannot view your documents as they get sent directly to our payment provider. If your documents keep failing please message the support team, attaching all the documents you are uploading and we can advise.

When do I provide my bank details?

Once your documents have been verified by our payment provider, you will then be able to enter your bank details and upload a statement.

The official bank statement must show:

  1. Organisation/Business name

  2. Organisation/Business bank statement postal address (This can be different from your official address)

  3. Account number and sort code

  4. Statement date (within the last 12 months)

How long do I have to set up my wallet?

You can take as long as you need however you will be unable to submit your application for approval until all sections are complete.

When will I receive the funds for any Nectar points applied to my project?

It can take up to 8 weeks to receive the funds in to your charity bank account.

Have more questions? Check out this article or contact our friendly support team if you need further assistance.

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