We have lots of resources available to help you plan, create and run a successful campaign.


We’ve launched a short online training course which walks you through the steps involved in creating a successful Crowdfunder campaign. You can check out the course content and enrol for free here.


We also run free online events in specific funding and topic areas which you can check out here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/programmes/events


Look at our interactive guides which have the latest tips and advice from the team and they can lead you all the way from beginning through to success.

  1. Planning your project

  2. Creating your project

  3. Running your project

Coaching and Support Hub

Check out the Coaching and Support hub for more resources.

If you want to run a charity fundraiser please go to the dedicated Charity Coaching and Support Hub

Marketing and Social Media

For all our best tips on promoting your project and driving those pledges take at look at our Social Media Hub.

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