How does a multiplier work?

Can supporters raise funds for my project?

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Maximise your crowdfunding efforts by allowing supporters to set up projects to raise funds on your behalf — their project pages will simply link to yours and all funds they raise will go directly towards your target.

I'm a project owner - how do I set up a multiplier?

First of all, check if your friends, family, colleagues, community or existing supporters want to set up a project in support of your crowdfunding campaign. If they say yes, contact our support team and, after a brief introduction and confirmation from you, we can upgrade your project to a multiplier.

Once this has been activated, you’ll see the following button on your page - your supporters can simply click on 'Start Fundraising' to begin setting up their campaign:

How do I keep track of my supporters' fundraisers for my multiplier project?

You can monitor all fundraiser activity in the Fundraisers tab of your project dashboard:

You can also share your rewards with your fundraisers so their supporters can pledge on them too. Click on 'Edit project' in your dashboard, then go to the Rewards tab to find the 'Share rewards with fundraisers' option:

Please note: When you switch to a multiplier, your project will be set to flexible funding. If you originally set up your campaign with the All or Nothing funding type, we recommend messaging your supporters or posting a project update to let everyone know that your funding model has changed.

Your project will also be switch to Always on when you reach your initial closing date, which means you can continue to receive donations via your project page.

I'm a supporter - how do I start a fundraiser for a multiplier project?

Once you’ve clicked on 'Start fundraising' (as pictured above), you can start creating your own fundraiser page. Here, you can set your own project target, add videos or images, and share the story of the campaign you're supporting. You'll also be able to add any of the rewards that are already live on the main project page page.

You won't need to add your bank details to the fundraiser page, as all funds that you raise will go straight to the main project you're supporting.

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