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Tell me about Crowdfunder's terms of use.

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While Crowdfunder is open to all kinds of projects, we want to make sure that you can use our platform lawfully and safely. In this respect, we will not host projects where the act of raising funds or the purpose of the project is illegal under UK law.

We have therefore created project guidelines to protect project owners and their supporters, as well as our platform.

Our guidelines form part of our terms of use, which we also ask project owners to read.

Please be aware that these guidelines are not offered as legal advice. If you've read them and still have some concerns about the compliance of your project, the rewards you're offering or the competitions you're running, we recommend that you consult a qualified legal professional.

Competitions, Prize Draws, Giveaways and Raffle Guidance

Please see our full guidance on how to run a Prize Draw on Crowdfunder here. You cannot run a lottery or raffle on Crowdfunder. However, you can run a prize draw with a free entry route (e.g. by post) but you must have terms and conditions which meet all relevant legal requirements.

If you're still unsure whether you're in the right place, find out more about crowdfunding and why you should choose Crowdfunder.

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