If you would like to set up a Crowdfunder project on behalf of a political party, it's important that your campaign complies with the Electoral Commission guidelines.

When setting up your project, you'll see the following options in the Basics section.

Make sure you tick the box that identifies your project as a political fundraiser. This will allow you to collect the names and postal addresses of your supporters.


Please be mindful that political parties must follow certain rules set out in law on campaign spending, donations and reporting. You can access further guidance here:


There are also rules that non-party campaigners must follow on campaign spending, donations and reporting. If you are a non-party campaigner, please follow this link:



If your aim is to raise funds to resolve a claim or another type of dispute, you will need to tick the box that identifies your project as fundraising for a legal dispute.

This will ensure that the following disclaimer is included on your project page.


In the case of both political or legal dispute fundraisers, it's important that you know how to refund a supporter should you need to. Simply log into your dashboard and scroll down to the Supporters section in the left hand column. Search for the supporter you need to refund and select the button next to their name.

Please note, you can only refund supporters via your project dashboard while your project is still live and the funds have not been transferred to your bank account.

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