If your charity is already registered with the Charities Trust and has a dedicated fundraising page on the Crowdfunder platform, anyone can donate to or raise money for your cause at any time. What's more, we've waived our platform fee for charities and charity fundraisers, which means we'll only charge transaction fees.

Once you've claimed your page, you can manage the charity's profile information, view fundraising reports and find out who's running projects to raise money for your organisation. Here's how to you claim your charity page.

Go to your charity's page and scroll down until you see the white box that says 'I work at this charity and would like to claim this page'.

Click on this and you will be directed to the following form, which you must complete.

​When adding your details, make sure you include the email address you intend to use to access the page. Please note that this email address must be registered to the charity. We need to confirm that you have a role there before we can securely grant you control of the page.

Once this form has been submitted, we'll be able to approve and action your claim. You will be sent an email that will ask you to click a link to claim the page. To make the process easier, please sign in to your account with the same email then follow the link on the email.

You can also let supporters know how to find your charity here or set up a fundraiser here.

Once transaction fees have been deducted, the funds raised for you on our platform, including Gift Aid, will go directly to your charity bank account via Charities Trust. Please note that it can take four to eight weeks for the funds to reach your account.

Don't have a charity page yet? Read this guide or register with us here.

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