Charities that are registered on the Crowdfunder platform can now access reports on all fundraising activity that's carried out via their page. This is just one of a selection of new features accessible from your page's dashboard.

You can keep track of direct donations to your charity as well as all fundraising campaigns run by your supporters.

You'll get a breakdown of funding streams month by month, as well as insight into the number of visits to your Crowdfunder page.

The reporting feature also includes the amount of Gift Aid collected on your behalf.

What's more, you'll be able to post updates whenever you like to keep new and existing supporters informed of your charity's news, plans or upcoming projects.

Finally, as the charity page owner, you can make changes to it as and when necessary to keep it current.

If you're not set up with Crowdfunder, you can request your own page by following this link. Scroll down until you see the form pictured below, then fill in your details so we can add your charity to our platform.

If your charity isn't registered with Crowdfunder yet, but you need to raise funds quickly, you can set up your project via our Coronavirus response platform here.

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