If you are a registered charity, you can set up your own dedicated fundraising page on the Crowdfunder platform, which means anyone can donate to or raise money for your cause at any time. What's more, while transaction and Gift Aid processing fees apply to all fundraisers, there'll be no platform fees to pay.

See our fees page for more information.

To set up your Charity profile page go to this link and click on Create your charity's profile. Search for your charity to see if you already have a listing and if you can't find one, enter the details of your charity.

You will then be able to start creating a profile page for your charity on Crowdfunder and benefit from all of the great features shown below!

What you will need to set up your charity profile page

Your charity profile page is the landing page for your charity so this is where you can tell your story, add your logo and even create a video to encourage people to donate!

You will need to verify your charity's bank details and one of your trustees will need to verify their ID as a representative before you are able to collect donations. This is part of the financials and extra funding section which we have plenty of guidance on in our help centre.

Financials Guide

Extra Funding Guide

You will also be able to collect regular donations from supporters who want to contribute to your charity on a monthly basis.

Please note that at the moment Crowdfunder won't collect Gift Aid on your behalf, but we will collect the Gift Aid declarations from your supporters for you to help speed up the process.

You will need to claim the Gift Aid from HMRC once your project is closed. Find out how here: Can I claim Gift Aid through my Crowdfunder Project?


For anyone wanting to fundraise for a charity, please see our fundraiser page.

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