If you want to raise money for a charity through Crowdfunder we have a great partnership with The Charities Trust which means that the funds raised including the Gift Aid will go directly to your chosen charity bank account via Charities Trust. It can take 4 to 8 weeks for the funds to reach the charities bank account.

We don't charge platform fees for charity fundraisers, but we do give your supporters a chance to leave us an optional tip to help cover the platform costs. Please note that transaction fees will still apply. Read all about Crowdfunder fees here

Just head to our site at https://welcome.crowdfunder.co.uk/fundraisers/ and click the I'm fundraising for a charity option. You can then search using the charities name or their charity registration number. We currently have thousands of charities already registered with us.

If the charity you are fundraising for is not registered you can still go ahead and run a personal fundraiser for them, the funds will go in to your bank account and you will have to arrange the donation yourself once the project has successfully closed.

Remember, we don't charge a platform fee for personal fundraisers but they are subject to transaction fees.


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