The always on function enables Crowdfunder projects to continue raising funds once their project has closed successfully. This function is also known as forever funding. The following green logo signifies that a project is always on.

What are the benefits of forever funding?

  • Keep raising funds post campaign.

  • Continue telling your story and build on your campaign page success.

  • Reach new audiences and receive ongoing exposure on Crowdfunder.

PLEASE NOTE donations will still be subject to transaction fees.

Who’s it for?
Projects that want to make the most of an ongoing presence on Crowdfunder (CF) beyond their initial campaigns. You will be able to receive donations for the foreseeable future, making the most on any ongoing traffic that lands on your CF page. More so, you  can promote the campaign page as and when suits you best e.g. in response to key cultural, political dates on the calendar. 

For example, you may have a run a political project in the past and want to benefit from promoting your CF campaign during an upcoming General Election, when traffic to your page will be higher than usual.  

When can I launch (re-launch)?
For projects new to Crowdfunder you will need to set up a project on and run a successful campaign (that could be for as little as 1 week); then once successful, we will switch you over to always on. 

For past-projects, it is as simple as letting us know you want to to re-open, and subject to a few tweaks to your project page and account, we can have you up-and-running on always on within a 1-2 days.

When do you receive the money?
Within 7 working days of each pledge:

Supporters will be charged at the time of making their pledge, each individual pledge payment will then be transferred to the project owner within 7 working days, so you don't need to wait until the end of a campaign to receive the money raised. 

However, your money will only be transferred if you have successfully verified your ID against your bank account details. It will take up to 7 working days from the date your ID is verified for the money to reach you. You can check to see if your ID has been successfully verified from the dashboard when editing your project.

Can I add rewards?
No, supporters can only make donations to your project once it switches to always on.

How do I switch my project off
Log into to your project dashboard and click on Manage. You will see the option to 'close and stop accepting pledges'. Click this button and your project will be closed successfully.

PLEASE NOTE that charity fundraisers automatically switch to always on when they close.

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