Can I put my project on my own website?

How to embed a donate button widget on your own website.

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Once a project goes live you will have access to your project dashboard.

You will be able to input a Donate button on your website by using the widget feature. Scroll down to the Widgets tab on your dashboard

Here, you will have the option to add two different widgets to your website:

Simple button: This allows you to add a 'Donate on Crowdfunder' button that takes your supporters directly to your project page.

'Donate amount' button: This button allows the supporter to choose an amount to pledge and they will be taken directly to your checkout page. The amounts are set at £20, £40, £60 or £100, however the supporter will be able to edit their donation amount once on the checkout page.

You’ll be able to style the buttons so they fits with your website branding using the setting fields.

Once you'r happy with how it looks, you’ll be able to copy the unique code and embed it on your website.

PLEASE NOTE: you will not be able to do this while your project is in draft mode. If you want to test the widget, please launch your project first. You can take your project offline after you have tested the widget by following these instructions.

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