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Can I share my project with friends before I launch it?
Can I share my project with friends before I launch it?

I want to send a preview of my project to people for feedback

Updated over a week ago

Yes! Having your friends, colleagues and collaborators look at what you’ve put together can be really helpful and reassuring.

You will need to have verified your details in the financial section first though. Once verified just click 'Copy preview link' at the top left of the screen while you're creating your project and then you can paste it into an email or message and share it with whoever you like.

The link isn't password-protected, so it's very easy to share with friends so that they can leave feedback right on your project page. This feedback will be emailed to you for you to review.

Please note, the preview link is not the same as your project slug/URL which will be the link when your project goes live.

Please note the preview link does expire after 48 hours so you will need to send a new link by copying it in the same way and re-sending it if they do not get to it in time.

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