How do I charge shipping on my rewards?

Adding postage options?

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The cost to post your supporters their rewards (postage, packaging, etc.) should be taken into account when you set your target and price your rewards. 

Unless you specify otherwise, supporters can pledge to your project from anywhere in the world. If you do not want to post your rewards internationally please ensure you make this clear on your rewards description and on your project. 

It’s always fun to have supporters from across the globe, but it can also mean paying for international postage to send rewards overseas. 

There are a few options for adding international postage on your project:

  1. You can add a separate postage reward that your international supporters can pledge on. This would mean they would make two pledges, one on the reward they want and one on the international postage reward.

  2. You can use the rewards options box to add information on international postage. You will need to enter at least two options. Option 1 could be UK delivery included. Option 2 could be International delivery - Please add an extra donation of £5 at checkout. 

Please note: If you have other options (clothing sizes, colours, etc.) then you will not be able to use this method for postage as a supporter can only chose one option.

Your supporters will see a screen like this screen at checkout. An additional donation can be added during the checkout process, in the box circled below:

Whichever option you choose, please ensure that the details are clearly stated on all the reward descriptions, including if you are offering international deliveries or not. 

Once your reward has received a pledge you will no longer be able to edit it so please ensure you think about adding international postage charges when setting up your project.

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