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What can be offered as a reward?

And how many rewards can I offer?

Updated over a week ago

You can offer an unlimited number of rewards on your project page at any one time.

What's more, you can offer rewards for pledges in addition to simply collecting donations. If you're not sure what the difference is between pledges and donations, you can find out here.


Rewards can be anything that would appeal to your supporters, including products, services, events, experiences and sponsorship. They could be the items you're raising funds to create, such as a copy of your album or special edition of your book.

You could also offer exclusive experiences that show off your business, like a cooking masterclass or yoga workshop. Emphasise that these aren't available elsewhere and if they are, apply a discount to make them more attractive to your supporters.

It's a good idea to offer a few rewards priced at around £20, as this is where a good chunk of pledges are made, and spread them evenly across different price points from £10 to £100. If you're hoping to attract support from businesses or large organisations, include some sort of sponsorship as a top-end reward.

Please make sure your rewards comply with our guidelines.

The following are prohibited from being offered as rewards on Crowdfunder:

• Loan repayments, profit shares, monetary return or equity in a business.

• Prize draw/Raffle entries.
• Pornographic material.
• E-cigarettes, vapes, tobacco, drugs or drug paraphernalia.
• Firearms, weapons, knives, weapon accessories or replicas of weapons.
• Manufactured products that don’t meet EU safety guidelines.

Ready to get started? You can read our guide to creating and editing rewards, and if you can't see where to add rewards to your project, you may need to upgrade your project to a rewards project. You can request this by getting in touch with our Support team via our contact form:

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