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I'm having trouble making a pledge
I'm having trouble making a pledge
Updated over a week ago

In most cases, pledging issues may be experienced due to a problem with the payment card used.

We recommend the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Double check to make sure that the card number, expiry date, security code and billing postcode have all been entered correctly.

  • Contact your bank to make sure there are no holds on your card, and to also make sure that:

    • No additional authorisation is required of you

    • Your card is authorised for foreign transactions if you are pledging from outside of the UK

    • That you have enough funds available, if you are using a pre-paid card or debit card

If you're still having trouble pledging on a project after these steps, try using a different card for the payment. 

If the issue you are having is related to the address you are inputting please see this guide.

Finally, if you are still not able pledge to a project following the advice above, please get in touch with our friendly Support team by filling out our contact form:

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