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I think I might have pledged twice by accident
I think I might have pledged twice by accident

You have taken money twice from my account

Updated over a week ago

Have you pledged against a reward or donated but you think the payment has gone through twice by mistake?

You can easily check this in your account by logging in to your account, clicking on the dropdown menu next to your profile icon and clicking on 'My pledges'.

Here you can view your pledge history as well as cancel a recent payment. Just click on the plus sign of the pledge you want to manage/refund.

If the project you supported is still live with more than 24 hours remaining, you will see a 'Cancel pledge' button. Click this and then follow the on-screen instructions.ย 

If you can not see this option it means that the project has less than 24 hours to run or has closed and the funds have been sent to the project owner. Please get in touch via our contact form so we can advise you of the options to refund your payment:

Please note - If you have used Guest Checkout, then you will need to follow the link in the 'Thanks for your pledge' email and sign up as a full member to be able to manage your duplicate pledges. You can follow this guide.

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