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When will I receive my reward?

I haven't received my reward yet, what should I do?

Updated over a week ago

Each reward has an estimated delivery date, which is visible above the 'select reward' button on the project page. This date is determined by the project owner as their best realistic guess as to when supporters will receive their rewards.

Please note that estimated delivery dates can change. The project itself must first be completed before rewards can be fulfilled and it’s not uncommon for a project to take longer than anticipated to get up and running.

Project delays can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes project owners hit unexpected roadblocks while working on their project, or they underestimate how much time it will take to complete their project and then fulfil all the rewards.

If the project owner anticipates or experiences setbacks, it's their responsibility to let supporters know. You can keep an eye on updates via the project page.

If there are no relevant updates, we ask that you contact the project owner directly to find out what's happening with your reward – especially if you haven't received it after the estimated fulfilment date. You can contact them via the project page.

If the Project Owner does not get in touch please try via their social media pages or contact form on their website. If you have taken each of these steps and still not received your reward or an update from the project owner, please get in touch with our Support team via our contact form, and we can reach out to the project owner directly:

IMPORTANT: We ask that you only contact us after you have tried to get in touch with the project owner. Thank you.

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