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What is +Extra funding?

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Accessing +Extra funding through Crowdfunder is slightly different to the traditional grant giving process. In order to apply for funding you will to have a draft or live project on the Crowdfunder platform.

When creating a Crowdfunder project we recommend that you populate the project page with as much information as possible, as well as photos, videos and links to your social media channels. This helps our funding partners to get a good feel for your idea.

Is my project eligible for +Extra funding?

It all depends on what you're doing and where you're doing it. We work with many national funding partners that span the public and private sectors.

We've also partnered with regional funding partners, which means they have a specific set of criteria that applicants need to meet. But don't worry, there's something for everyone!

Some +Extra funding partners look for projects set up by social enterprises and CICs. Others look for entrepreneurs or environmental campaigns, while our local authority partners like to support community groups and not-for-profit organisations.

Each partner has a particular area of interest that they ask applicants to support. This varies from improving community wellbeing to promoting sustainability, developing skills and education, or supporting young or disadvantaged people.

Please note: +Extra funding is not available to those crowdfunding for their own benefit (for example, personal fundraisers), or for charity profile pages.

Can I apply for +Extra funding before my project goes live?

This depends on the fund you're applying for.

Most of our funding partners allow you to apply before you've gone live. However, some need to see that your project has already launched and is gaining support from the crowd.

We therefore recommend that you check the eligibility criteria for your chosen fund carefully. It's your responsibility as the project owner to make sure your campaign ticks all the right boxes in order to receive the extra funds.

Please note: If you do apply before you've gone live, the amount of information you provide could be the make or break. Our +Extra funding partners need plenty of detail in order to decide if your project fits their criteria. Remember that videos and images always help to bring your idea to life.

How long does it take for my +Extra funding application to be reviewed?

The application reviewal process can take between one and four weeks. Occasionally your application may be sent for further review, or we may need to ask you for some additional information about your project or organisation, so this can take some time.

When filling in your application form, make sure you address the key points in the fund criteria. This will help to speed up the review process. It's also a good idea to get your application in as early as possible during your crowdfunding campaign or during the campaign planning stage.

How much +Extra funding should I apply for?

When you apply for +Extra funding, you don't actually choose the amount you would like to receive. Instead, the funding partner will offer a set amount, depending on whether you meet their pledge criteria or not.

For example, if your application is approved, a funding partner could pledge up to 50% of your initial target, providing that you have already raised 25% with a minimum of 25 unique supporters.

When setting your initial target, please include the amount you hope to receive from the +Extra funding pot.

How long does it take to receive my +Extra funding?

We transfer partner pledges differently to the way we transfer the money you raise from your supporters. While the latter is transferred automatically within seven days of your project closing, all extra funds are processed via our payments partner MangoPay.

MangoPay have a number of additional due diligence checks in place, which means it can take a little longer to process the partner pledge. Part of this process requires you to set up an +Extra funding wallet in your project dashboard.

What if I have applied for live matchfunding?

If your project has been approved for live match funding, this means that each donation to your project page will be matched in real-time by one of our funding partners. This will come into action after your application has been approved (matchfunding will not be backdated). Live match funding works on a pledge-by-pledge basis, so each donation to your Crowdfunder project will be matched at the time of the transaction.

Each fund has slightly different conditions, but most funds will only match one donation from a unique supporter. This means that if the same person donates twice then only the first donation will be matched. Some funds will also have a cap on how much they will match; for example, donations up to £250 will be matched, so if someone donates £40 then it will be matched with £40, but if someone donates £400 then it will only be matched with £250.

Do I have to reach my target to receive my +Extra funding?

Some of our funding partners require your project to reach its target at the time of closing for the match funds to be released. This condition will be clearly detailed in your fund's eligibility criteria and T&Cs. Please find your fund on our +Extra Funding page here to check if this applies to the fund you have been accepted for.

If your project's funding type is set as All or Nothing then you will need to meet your funding target to receive the money you have raised, including your +Extra funding.


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