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I forgot my password, how do I log in?
I forgot my password, how do I log in?

I'm locked out of my account or can't log in

Updated over a week ago

You can reset your password in two ways.

  1. If you're not logged into your account, you can reset your password on the log in page by pressing the 'Forgot Password?' button. You will then receive a reset link in an email. Please note this link is only valid for 24 hours.

2. If you are logged into your account, you can change your password in 'My Profile Settings' accessed via the top right drop down menu. Type in your old password followed by the new password twice. Then press 'Save changes' at the bottom of the page. 

Please note that if you have signed in to your Crowdfunder account via Facebook previously, you will need to unlink it to create a password just for Crowdfunder.

Do this by going to your profile settings, then the "Facebook friends'' tab:

Scroll to the bottom of this page and you will see the option to unlink facebook and set a new password.

If you continue to get issues please get in touch via our contact form:

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