Need more time to reach your target? As long as you haven't reached the maximum of 56 days for running a project on Crowdfunder, then you can request a closing date extension from our Customer Support Team. We deal with these on a case by case basis and will request that you update everyone who has supported the project so far about the change.

How do I contact Crowdfunder?

Alternatively (and often the best option if you wish to keep taking donations for an extended length of time), we can transfer your project to 'always on'.

The always on function enables Crowdfunder projects to continue raising funds once their project has closed successfully. This function is also known as forever funding. The following green logo signifies that a project is always on.

What are the benefits of forever funding?

  • Keep raising funds post campaign.

  • Continue telling your story and build on your campaign page success.

  • Reach new audiences and receive ongoing exposure on Crowdfunder.

PLEASE NOTE donations will still be subject to transaction fees and you will no longer be able to offer rewards.

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