How do I extend my project deadline?

Do you need to extend the length of your project?

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Need more time to reach your target?

If your project has been running for a minimum of 10 days then you can extend your project deadline from the 'Manage' tab of your project dashboard.

Please note: If you have a personal fundraiser project, this tab will not appear. Please request a deadline extension by filling in our contact form:

You will be able to extend your project duration for up to a maximum of 10 weeks from the start date of your project - just select your new closing date and time. We would strongly advise you contacting supporters to inform them of the extension, letting them know of any impact of reward delivery dates.

If you have reached the maximum of 70 days for running a project on Crowdfunder, then you can request a closing date extension from our Customer Support Team under special circumstances. We deal with these on a case-by-case basis and would only offer a further extension if it was deemed appropriate, so please let us know the reasons for your request.

Alternatively (and often the best option if you wish to keep taking donations for an extended length of time), we can transfer your project to 'Always on'.

The Always On function will enable your Crowdfunder project to continue raising funds after you reach your initial closing date successfully. This function is also known as Forever Funding. The following green logo below signifies that a project is Always On.

What are the benefits of Always On?

  • Keep raising funds post-campaign.

  • Continue telling your story and build on your campaign page's success.

  • Reach new audiences and receive ongoing exposure on Crowdfunder.

PLEASE NOTE: donations will still be subject to fees and you will no longer be able to offer rewards.


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