Supporters love to be kept in the loop on your progress throughout your project, as well as after it's closed successfully, especially if you've offered rewards as part of your campaign.


Posting a project update is a quick and easy way to reach all supporters who've selected to receive updates. Simply log into your project dashboard and scroll down to Updates in the left hand column.

Next, select the New update button and start writing.

You can also post an update directly from your project page. Select Updates from the options you can see below your project's main image or video.

Any update you post here will be visible on your project page. An email will also be sent to all supporters who opted in to receive project updates when they pledged.

This can be a great way to entice new supporters to get involved or spread the word.


Posting updates after your campaign has ended allows supporters to continue sharing your project's journey beyond the crowdfunding stage.

If you'd prefer to message supporters rather than post a project update, you can find out how to send individual and group messages from your project dashboard here. Please ensure they have opted in to receive your updates before using the private message function.

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