How do I download my supporters' details?

How to download your reports for marketing, rewards and financial purposes

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We have now created a one-stop location in your project dashboard under 'Reports' for any data you need to export.

If you're running a Keep What You Raise (Flexible Funding) project, you can access your supporter and transaction details while your campaign is still live. However, we recommend that you wait until your project has closed successfully and you've received your funds before sending out rewards (as anyone can refund their own pledge before the project is closed).

If your funding type is set to All or Nothing you can access your supporter and transaction details once your project closes successfully,

Please note: These reports contain sensitive information, such as email addresses and postal addresses, so you'll need to tick the box agreeing to the terms and input your password before clicking 'Generate and download'.

You have the ability to change the date range of the data or filter by a set timeframe.

All files will download in CSV format.

Marketing permissions and opt-outs report

If you need a list of your supporters' details for marketing, you can download the marketing permissions report and use this to contact your supporters for marketing purposes. Please see this guide for further information on what you can send to your supporters.

Anyone who has opted out or unsubscribed will be in your most recent marketing opt-outs report.

Rewards report

If you need a list of your supporters' details for sending out your rewards, you can download the rewards report which will show you the supporter details, which reward they pledged on, any reward options if applicable and a postal address if you selected that the reward needed to be sent by post.

Gift Aid report

If you are crowdfunding as a charity, you can download a Gift Aid report.

This report contains the names and postal addresses of supporters who selected to provide a Gift Aid declaration when pledging to your project. You will need this when claiming Gift Aid from HMRC and it is in an HMRC compatible format to make your claim easier.

Transaction report

If you need a list of all transactions made to your project for financial reconciliation, you can download a transaction report. This report contains:

  • Pledge date and time

  • Project pledged on (if you have fundraisers it will show these too)

  • Supporter name and email

  • If the pledge was anonymous

  • Currency

  • Pledge amount

  • Transaction fees and VAT

  • Platform fees and VAT

  • Payment method

  • Transaction status

  • Gift Aid details (if applicable)

  • If the pledge was +Extra Funding, it will show the fund name

  • If the funds have been paid out it will show the payout bank statement reference, the date the payout was processed and the date the funds are expected to arrive in your bank account.

Payout report

The payout report will show all of the same fields as the transaction report but will only show the transactions that have already been paid out to your bank account for financial reconciliation.

Prize Draw report

If you are running a Prize Draw you will be able to download a list of entrants to make it easy to select a winner at random.

This will download as a CSV and contain the following:

• Entry ID

• Supporter name

• Supporter email

• Entry date

There will be one row per entry, i.e. if a supporter buys 5 entries, there will be 5 rows with that supporter’s information on them.

If you are running a Community Shares project or a Political Fundraiser you will have another separate tailored report relevant to your project type in the reports section.

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