If you're running a flexible funding project, you can access supporter details while your campaign is still live. However, we recommend that you wait until your project has closed successfully and you've received your funds before sending out rewards.

We advise projects to wait until the project has closed successfully and they have received the money pledged on the project before sending rewards to supporter

Go to the Manage section of your dashboard and then click on Download supporter details (as pictured below).

If your project is set to all or nothing and it has closed successfully, you can access all supporter details from the Supporters section of your dashboard. You'll see the option to download the list at the bottom of the page.

Please note that this document contains sensitive information, such as email addresses and postal addresses, so you'll need to need to tick the box agreeing to the terms and input your password before clicking Submit.

Your backers' list will download as an Excel spreadsheet and will provide the following information:  

  • Pledge date and time

  • Supporter name

  • Supporter email **

  • Reward option

  • Reward description

  • Reward price

  • Quantity required

  • Total amount pledged

  • Address (if pledged on a reward that needs to be posted)

  • Marketing consent (supporter consent to receive marketing updates from you)

  • Update consent (supporter consent to receive project updates).

** A supporter's email address will not be available if they have donated without pledging on a reward and have not opted in to receive project marketing or updates. However, you can still message them from the Supporters section in your dashboard, please see this article about the sorts of emails you can send to stay GDPR compliant.

If you're running a multiplier, your backers' list will have multiple tabs. One will show details of pledges made on your project and there will also be separate tabs for each of your fundraisers.


If you are crowdfunding as a charity, you can download a separate Gift Aid report. This is available in the Manage section of your dashboard. The report contains the names and postal addresses of supporters who selected Gift Aid when pledging on your project. You will need this when claiming Gift Aid from HMRC.


If you are running a Prize Draw you will be able to download a list of entries in the same way that you can download your supporters details to make it easy to select a winner at random.

Go to the Manage section of your dashboard and then click on Download prize draw entries (as pictured below).

This will download as an Excel spreadsheet and contain the following:

  • Entry ID

  • Supporter name

  • Supporter email

  • Entry date

There will be one row per entry, i.e. if a supporter buys 5 entries, there will be 5 rows with that supporter’s information on.

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