Can I raise funds as an individual?
Updated over a week ago

We often get asked if an individual is able to crowdfund with us, and the answer is yes, you can!

Individuals often raise money on Crowdfunder for personal causes, or to help fund the beginning stages of an idea when a business or charity bank account is not available quite yet. In these cases, you can add a personal bank account to a project to collect funds into. 

If you are raising money for a charity or other group/organisation type you will most likely have to add a personal bank account to the project and transfer the money to the charity once the project has closed. Most people who do this will set up a separate bank account in their name to keep the money separate from their every day finances.

When adding your bank account details to your Crowdfunder project as an individual, please select the 'individual/sole trader' option.

We always advise that project owners are open and honest with their supporters about how the money they raise is being handled. This information can be included in the main body of your project page description.

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