Choosing and changing your target

How much should I raise and can I change my target?

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When setting your initial crowdfunding target, work out the minimum amount of money you need in order to deliver your project's aims and fulfil all your rewards. Make sure you factor in all costs involved in running the project as well as any fees.

Be realistic. Ultimately, it's up to the crowd who they choose to support and how popular your idea is โ€” and if it's really popular, you may have the option to add a stretch target (depending on the type of project you set up). This acts as a second goal and allows you to keep raising money after you've hit your initial target.

Why is my target not saving?

Do not use a comma when inputting your target, as this will not be recognised by our platform. We ask that you use only numbers. For example, if you want to raise ten thousand pounds, it would look like this:

Once your project is live, you will not be able to change your target yourself.

If you have made a mistake, or there has been a change in your situation that means the target is no longer accurate, please get in touch by filling in our contact form and let us know why you need to change your target and what you would like it to be:

Please note that changing your target may also change your supporters' minds about your project. We ask that you tell them about your new target, share a project update and also offer supporter refunds in light of the changes.

If you have applied for extra funding, you may not be able to change your target.

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