Want to get in touch privately with your supporters through your Crowdfunder page? Well here is how you can message them through your Crowdfunder project dashboard...

  1. Go to your project dashboard and click 'Message backers' on the right hand side menu.
  2. Select the tick box of the backer/backers that you want to message in the 'Message user' column. You can press 'Select all' to message everyone at once. However, you can only message up to 30 people at a time, so you may have to message the backers in batches if you have more than 30 backers.
  3. Click the blue button to 'Message all selected'.

This will then take you to this screen where you can type and send your message and click send. 

Please note: You can message 'Anonymous' supporters through this process. These supporters' names are only hidden from the public, not the project owner. 

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